Our History

Campbell Ranch has been in the livestock business since the 1880's, it first started out as the Cole Campbell Sheep Company. In 1927 the ranch was passed on to his sons Frank and Gene, who renamed the company to the Ash Fork Livestock Company.
They ran both sheep and cattle, until 1941 when they sold all their sheep, and about this time they purchased their first Charolais bull.
They developed a registered Charolais herd and provided quality breeding stock to many cattlemen across the country.
In 1961 the Ash Fork Livestock Company was dissolved and distributed to the children of Frank and Gene Campbell. Frank’s oldest son, Hugh, received his portion of the ranch near Seligman Arizona. He continued the registered Charolais business for several years as well a commercial herd. In the late 1960’s he chose to go strictly with the commercial Charolais cattle.

Hugh’s son Joe has been on the ranch full time since 1980 when he came home from college for good. He took over the business in 1990 renaming it simply Campbell Ranch. Joe is following tradition by raising Charolais cattle just like his grandfather, making him the fifth generation to work the land.
Good friend and neighbor Larry Kerns holds Cee Booger Red for Derby.